Ian Chadwick has a background in sculpture and stained-glass window design, disciplines which he applies to his constantly evolving range of kiln-formed glass art.

Glass as a medium is inspirational due to its abilities to transform light.  The glass Ian produces is all created within a kiln.  The Kiln-forming technique of working glass involves constructing and deconstructing of glass elements to produce the end result.  It is a deliberate, laborious technique where the glass is worked in its cold state and the end product is achieved by applying precision and patience.

Ian’s current range of work is deeply concerned with pattern building.  Small pieces of coloured glass are arranged and melted in a kiln to produce a sheet of kaleidoscopic, coloured glass which is then formed to the desired shape.  This work embodies Ian’s interest in the esoteric art of sacred geometry, commonly found in the rose windows of cathedrals and the mandalas of eastern religious lore.

Visit the GALLERY to view a selection of my work, or come and meet me at one of my EVENTS to see the full range of current work available, displayed, ready to find a new home.  If you have any inquiries regarding my work, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME.